Road to Recovery

PREIT strives to create a safe and secure environment for mall staff and consumers.

We are following government guidelines and the CDC’s social distancing recommendations to ensure the health and wellness of our local communities.

Updates on our anticipated re-opening schedule and operating hours can be found below:

Magnolia Mall
Florence, SC
Saturday, April 25 11am-7pm (Monday-Saturday)
12pm-6pm (Sunday)
Jacksonville Mall
Jacksonville, NC
Saturday, May 9 11am-7pm (Monday-Saturday)
12pm-6pm (Sunday)
Patrick Henry Mall
Newport News, VA
Friday, May 15 11am-7pm (Monday-Saturday)
12pm-6pm (Sunday)
Valley View Mall
La Crosse, WI
Friday, May 22 11am-7pm (Monday-Saturday)
12pm-6pm (Sunday)

Please note that these dates are based on our current understanding of each State’s regulations and expectations for re-opening and are subject to change.  

Curbside Pickup

We are pleased to offer Mall2Go, our curbside pickup program, at mall locations in states allowed by governmental regulation. These include Cherry Hill Mall, Cumberland Mall, Moorestown Malls (New Jersey), Dartmouth Mall (Massachusetts), and Woodland Mall (Michigan).


  • We are limiting the number of shoppers in accordance with government restrictions and limiting access to one entrance, as needed.
  • Customer entry and exit will be separated and structured to facilitate social distancing and to monitor occupancy levels where required by governmental regulation.
  • We are implementing a temporary parental escort policy.
  • We have stationed several hand sanitizing locations throughout the property.
  • Each facility has been thoroughly cleaned during our downtime and leading up to opening utilizing CDC-recommended disinfecting agents.
  • Air quality inside our properties is being tested by an industrial hygienist prior to opening to confirm indoor air quality is equal to, or better than, outdoor air. We have also increased the proportion of outside airflow to Common Area.
  • HVAC air filters have been replaced, water heaters have been purged and water lines have been flushed.
  • Common area seating is being removed or dramatically limited.
  • Food court seating has been eliminated at mall locations where this is required by governmental regulation. Where permitted, food court seating has been reduced and reconfigured to promote social distancing.
  • Floor decals have been placed as a visual representation of social distancing in food courts and other common area queuing locations.
  • In order to enforce the CDC’s social distancing recommendations, our play areas are closed.
  • Our housekeeping partners are enhancing our cleaning and disinfecting protocols, utilizing CDC-recommended disinfectant, PH7Q. Door handles and other high-touch surfaces will be disinfected frequently.
  • Restroom use is limited and structured to facilitate social distancing to every other sink.
  • Elevators are being limited to 4-occupants and customers are being advised to utilize social distancing on escalators.
  • All mall personnel including security and maintenance personnel are required to wear masks or face coverings and gloves and are either self-reporting or having temperature screenings daily.


  • Follow CDC recommendations
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Practice social distancing – stay 6 ft apart!
  • Wear a face-covering or cloth mask.
  • Regularly check for updates on your favorite destinations.

We are making recommendations for heightened in-store safety to our retailers.

  • Know the facts about limiting occupancy in your store.
  • Sanitize frequently with one of the following products:
    • Quat-Stat 5
    • Fight-Bac RTU
    • Triforce
    • PH7Q
  • Employees are asked to come through a separate entrance.
  • Staff should wear cloth masks
  • Ask staff to self-monitor their temperature prior to arriving to work. Require employees to stay home if they have a temperature at or above 100.0 F or feel they have a fever
  • Monitor staff health.  If they feel ill, they should not report to work.
  • Allow frequent breaks for handwashing and ensure staff regularly wash hands following CDC protocols. Provide soap and water and alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Ensure that adequate supplies are maintained. Post CDC guidance in the breakroom.
  • Provide tissues and no-touch disposal receptacles for use by staff. Have alcohol-based hand sanitizer available in multiple locations in store and/or know where the nearest mall sanitizer is located.
  • Mark off 6 ft distance on the floor for customer queuing.
  • Add a plexiglass barrier to your cash wrap.
  • Touchless payment options are preferred and recommended.
  • Utilize our designated parking areas for Buy Online Pickup orders.
  • If you see something of concern, report it immediately to mall management.
  • Corporate inquiries can be sent to

Click here to download our full re-opening protocol.

We’re here to support re-hiring efforts!

We are collecting contact information from people interested in hearing about retail and restaurant jobs here. We are happy to provide this information to our retail partners.

Additional Updates
Any questions on re-opening protocols should be sent via email to

We are all in this together and look forward to a thoughtful re-opening and recovery.