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Over the summer, we announced a first-to-portfolio partnership with 1776 – the largest network of incubators that cultivates and empowers companies and startup ecosystems in the Northeast Corridor. Through programs, resources, events, mentorship, work space and access to the broader 1776 network, this community of entrepreneurs are provided opportunities to grow and scale their business. The network is bringing its first location in a shopping center to Cherry Hill Mall, opening in December 2018.


At the Cherry Hill Mall location, entrepreneurs will focus on retail and e-commerce incubation initiatives – which is incredibly relevant today as the shopping experience continues to evolve with the intersection of bricks and clicks. 1776 is building a curated membership, but one that touches several topics within the retail vertical – ranging from e-commerce, point-of-sale, artisanal products, AI-enabled retail and much more. For these entrepreneurs, it’s not just creating and marketing new products, but also elevating the customer experience through new technologies and customer service.


This location is a unique first for 1776, offering members a real working environment that can serve as a hands-on lab for their concepts. By working within Cherry Hill Mall, members will have access to live customers, both shoppers and retailers – giving them the ability for real-time feedback on the viability and scalability of their concepts. Simultaneously, they can leverage a suite of amenities that the mall provides – including dining and retail offerings before, during and after their workday.


In an exciting move, existing member, Simply Good Jars, is relocating to the new Cherry Hill location, and attributes the network to helping to build his business. According to owner CEO and Founder Jared Cannon, “You are immediately introduced to companies and people that are wanting to help, able to help and can help you think through whatever you’re going through. Having a space that has all of these networking events, has this culture and has the people and resources to help you succeed – why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?”

For more information on becoming a member of the Cherry Hill 1776 location, visit https://www.1776.vc/1776-cherry-hill-mall/ or email  info@1776.vc.


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